Dear Bath and Body Works…

Posted on July 31, 2015 Comments

…from myself, and I’m sure other fellow nurses, your new PocketBac hand sanitizer sucks!


Original PocketBac container.

I guess I shouldn’t really call it new since none of it is actually new the only thing that Bath and Body Works actually did was change the shape of the container, and the new shape sucks. The other containers were small and triangle shaped, they were perfect for fitting in a jacket pocket with other things, or carrying attached to a purse or in my case especially a stethoscope and they weren’t bulky and in the way. They were the perfect size for the containers as well, and not just the Bath and Body containers they would also fit into many of the generic off brand containers that you could buy places. Now unfortunately they are larger, oval shaped, and take up more space in your pocket, or clipped to anything including bags and purses, and in my case especially for my stethoscope.


New PocketBac container.

My major issue too is that they didn’t change the shape to give us more of the sanitizer either even though now they’ve raised their usual hand sanitizer deal from being 5 for $5 to 5 for $6. Which is charging another 25 cents for the exact same amount of product. An amount that you also do not get because on the bottles they all say 1 oz/29 ml, when the reality is that is false advertising as 1 oz. is actually equivalent to 30 ml. So not only are you not receiving the amount of product the bottle says you are but you’re also pretty much paying that extra 25 cents to account for the extra plastic they used making their bottles larger and more inconvenient to carry.

Personally I’ve tried to stock up on my supply to try and keep my old holder so that I can keep using it for as long as possible because carrying hand sanitizer in my pocket and having to reach into my pocket every time I need it entering or leaving a patients room risks me getting contaminants on my scrubs. However carrying it on my stethoscope is no longer going to be an option once I switch over to the new ones because the bottles are just too bulky, and will get in the way when listening to lung sounds or trying to do vitals. The small one now is the perfect size and it took me ages to find a clip that was not bulky and showy that I could hang it on my stethoscope with, even the hangers for the new PocketBacs are a bit outrageous and priced as much as $2 – $3 more than the old hangers were for similar designs, because Bath and Body is having to use more silicon and plastic to manufacture them as well.


A beautiful clip hanger for stethoscopes everywhere.

I feel like I’m the only one around here at times who thinks bigger is not always better, but I can’t honestly be the only one come on guys? And honestly why did Bath and Body Works even need to change their PocketBac design? It’s not new, it’s the same size, the same scents are available, and you’re getting the exact same amount of product, which isn’t even the 1 oz. the bottle states you’re getting. So why did they have to be changed? The price raised? And the bottles them selves made more inconvenient for those of us who might carry them at work. You’ve made my stethoscope very sad big business, it is going to miss it’s tiny PocketBac friend.

For all the nurses out there who also enjoyed carrying their PocketBac on their stethoscope for the convenient access and the time saving, we should bid it farewell, or head to Amazon and stock up on the overpriced old sized PocketBacs available there. Because upon a check just now they’re selling them 5 for $11 – $13. Looks like they’ve got to get some cash flow in to line their pockets after the probable cost of manufacturing and advertising these new PocketBacs, that aren’t really anything other than a new shaped bottle.



  1. Why don’t you just keep the original container/holder and just fill it back up with a cheaper sanitizer every time you run out? It seems like a massive waste of money to stock up on them or buy a new one every time.

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