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Fixing to get fit…

Posted on August 2, 2015 Comments

For the past year I have done nothing but sit on my ass in class, sit on my ass studying, and even at clinical spent a ton of down time having to chart. I’ve worked out very little, but when I did I was successful in losing weight and bettering my lifestyle, the only issue is I didn’t stick to it there was always more to study and more to get done for class or clinical. None of this is really a surprise, even at the beginning of the program we were told we’d probably gain weight by past students, our instructors, other nurses; it’s not an excuse either though. I was never really in great shape after High School and have just let it go downhill since having my daughter as well. Now at 26 years old I weigh over 200 pounds and am in horrible shape and have horrible habits that I need to correct.


Picture taken on a trip after graduation at 215 pounds.

But now as shown in the pictures in this entry, I am overweight; I am not happy with my body image, the way I feel, my weight, and my lack of strength that I used to have and plan on working to get it back, and to help me in this I will be tracking it here as a part of my blogging. To start with this week I’m working up a diet plan with meals all ranging from 500 to 700 calories, and small snacks of 100 calories or less, and taking in more water to help boost my digestion and help me when working out. I will also be starting work outs by doing a walk to run progression until I can run without losing my breath, which sadly I barely can do a quarter mile without having a stitch and just wanting to quit, and starting to do work out routines I enjoy. Currently I’ve found a ton of great work out dance videos which are fun and leave you sweating, and teach you to dance, I’ve also gotten the 21-Day Fix work out, Insanity, Hip Hop Abs, and a few others I will be trying out until I find one that I like or can endure through to get a jump start.


Photo from my nursing school pinning in whites that hardly fit anymore.

This process for me is going to be a long one and require strength and the dedication to make these changes and keep them in my life. I didn’t even notice overnight how badly my health had gotten, I told myself oh it’s just a few pounds, but between August of last year and August of this year I have gained over 45 pounds, going at one point from 180 pounds to 225 pounds. It’s been hard to admit that this was even such a problem, but when I put on my whites on that at the beginning of the year were loose and almost fell of me at clinical, to the point I had to hold them up with my gait belt cinched very tight, and they barely were able to be pulled up. It made me have to face that I was ridiculously overweight and needed to do something about this, because I couldn’t just brush it off anymore.

My goal weight overall is 125 pounds, with my first reward goal being 190, at this time I am at 210 pounds. For my height of 5’2″ that is considered obese actually and my BMI is well above 25. Which is all not great obviously, and while I do believe you can be beautiful at almost any size, I know I’m not healthy and I want to be. I want to live a better, more active, and healthier lifestyle; without the complications that most people with weight gain and sedentary lifestyles experience. And I will be starting it right away and documenting it here, so that hopefully it pushes me to remain more accountable and more focused on my goals, and let’s me help to show others that they can do this and they’re not doing it alone.

So let’s do it, I’m fixing to get fit, and invite anyone to ask question as I go or give any suggestions they may have.