“Being fat was forced upon me…”

Posted on August 4, 2015 Comments

No it wasn’t!

I came across a post on Facebook today, it was screenshots from a woman giving a speech and discussing how being fat was nothing to be ashamed of, people did not shame others for being tall, or for being short, all things they did not choose, but that were just forced upon them, and someone actually posted that yes people do not understand being fat is forced upon them. I sat and read this entire discussion that spawned from the one post below:


Screenshot from Facebook of a post made stating that we are every bit forced into being fat.


Okay this quite frankly just threw me for a loop and completely pissed me off a bit, you do not choose to be fat? So you do not choose to eat those excessive amounts of food, or eat out at fast food every night during the week, or binge on that entire bag of Reese’s? You were forced to do all of those things? No you weren’t, I know and acknowledge my weight is above what is healthy for me, I know I’m not an ideal size, and I know it is also my fault.

I’m not so naive to say though that no one’s weight problem is something they cannot control, because I do know at times people do have genetic issues which cause them to gain weight even if they take in nothing but liquids and cause their bodies to produce massive amounts of fat. However that is the minimum of cases of obesity and is not as common as people have tried to make out it is, people are also not big boned, and you’re not curvaceous just because your breasts are a D cup. Fat is not forced upon you, fat is your choice, you can get off of your ass and choose to work out, there have been tons of people, extremely overweight or obese people who have done it. Despite the knee pain, despite the back pain, and guess what they usually learn all the pain and issue they have with working out…go away when they actually start losing the weight from doing it. It’s magic!

But for people everyday to say being fat is not their fault, being fat was forced upon them, they didn’t do it to themselves; is truly just an insult to those who truly do have a medical condition or congenital issue that causes them to gain weight. It’s also passing the blame, and passing the consequences of your actions off to someone else, as though you did not do this to yourself, you did not choose to sit on the couch rather than go take a walk, you did not choose to eat those extra slices of pizza at dinner, you did not choose to eat nothing but candy for an hour rather than celery sticks or a healthier snack. It was forced upon you. No it was not and if you do not admit that this was your doing, and that you must put the effort in to change it then you will never be able to stick things out, and I’m not just saying this and preaching it while I sit on my ass either and do nothing. I worked out today, I got up off the computer and went outside and walked with my daughter as she rode a bike this afternoon, I ate a salad with fat free dressing rather than pizza at dinner while my daughter ate that in front of me, and I’m not the only one either!

I’d like to give a shout out to a few people on Reddit, members of the subreddit /r/loseit who have posted their amazing victories and reaching goals this week that I found very inspiring and have enjoyed reading and that motivate me, I’m hoping these stories and eventually my own will motivate others to stand up and change their lives and stop blaming others or stating that their lifestyle was forced upon them.

CowboyTerp – 85 pounds down! || jaybuel44 – 72 pounds down! || jontaro – 195 pounds down! || NoUrImmature – 45 pounds down and said no to the donut! Way to go! || video-girl – 70 pounds down and finally in a well deserved bikini! || mhortar2k – 140 pounds down and gonna rock that High School reunion!

They all have embarked on and had success with each of their weight loss journeys and continued to strive for their goals every single day, they are walking inspirations and none of them blame others for their weight, they have taken control of their lives and are rocking it out. Fat is not forced upon you, but once you’ve gained that weight and become fat, you are the one who will determine whether or not you stay it, and whether or not it is worth it to you to better your weight, your clothes size, your lifestyle, and most importantly your health!



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