I’m Crystal, I am 25 years old and currently live in Missouri while attending college. I am currently in a Practical Nursing program with every intention to bridge to the Registered Nursing program upon completion and attaining my license. I love the medical field and have been working in it for about 5 years now, learning about medicine has always been of interest to me and shows like Scrubs, E.R., House, etc. originally inspired me to follow my wishes and get into the medical field as a nurse.

In my free time I love spending my time with my daughter, boyfriend, and on occasion my two trouble maker cats. I┬áspend tons of time outside during the Summer, and wishing I was outside during the winter, and enjoy getting to travel and go to the beach. I want to live on the beach one day and be able to go just sit in the sand any time I want, but that’s one of those will get to it eventually goals.

This blog is going to be something for me to chronicle and share my experiences in medicine as much as possible without violating HIPAA, and my random personal thoughts, theories, and ideas that I think others would enjoy reading or benefit from.

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