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Still with Sanders – let’s show our continued support!

Posted on June 11, 2016 Comments

Okay so I’m in the process of compiling a video of images and footage from the primaries thus far and the past year of Senator Sanders amazing and triumphant fight for this nomination, with the continued counting in California putting people on edge and everything going on with the RICO lawsuit being filed this week, I want to make a moving video that shows a more positive note from those of us in this revolution, because a lot of people have just been seeing anger from Bernie supporters this week and negativity and while yes with everything going on we have a right to feel that way, that’s not how the narrative has to go. We can send a more positive message to the Senator, to those against us, and to the world that no matter how it turns out we’re still with him! The video is near completion, but I would like to gather from this community a little something to make it stand out!

What I need from you!

I would like to include video clips or just voice overs towards the end of the video with all of us just saying, “We’re still with you!” Doesn’t have to be a video as stated, if you want to record a video outside in a public setting, in your house, with your dog then upload it to youtube or somewhere else I can snag it easily I’ll try to include as many as possible. If you want to be involved but not on film then throw up a soundbite where I can snag it too, and I’ll be overlaying those with images and footage. Because we’re with him, right up to the very end!

Send any clips to my email and feel free to share this and get the word out to others who may be interested in participating:

(Also yes I know I could take one or two voices and just alter them in the video editor, but I’d rather have authentic people.)