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Changes in the United States Military Tattoo Policy

Posted on April 1, 2015 Comments

Today an article was posted about upcoming changes in the U.S. Military tattoo policy that currently limits the number of tattoos, size of tattoos, and areas of your body tattoos can cover. While this policy is going to still prohibit some things as stated in the article:

Soldiers are still not allowed to have tattoos on their neck, head, face, wrists or hands. The exception is a ring tattoo on each hand, Dailey said.

Also banned are tattoos that are sexist, racist, extremist and derogatory, he said.

“Those have not changed, regardless of position or location,” he said.

It is also going to free up a lot, I know of quite a few soldiers who felt as though they were limited because they had tattoos before going in, and others who got them to signify events from their military career and faced harsh punishment for it. One friend of mine got a set of skulls on his biceps, he had one skull for each comrade he had lost during a tour in Afghanistan; you could barely see the edge of some shading when he was in uniform and removed his jacket, just a slight area showing under his t-shirt and he got smoked out for it.

Doctors, lawyers, nurses, politicians, pilots, etc. can have tattoos on their entire bodies as long as they can be covered; why in the world should people who are laying down their lives for us to have freedom, and a safe country to work and live in not get the same treatment? I think this policy has been outdated a long time and it is a wonderful change that soldiers opinions have been taken into consideration and changes are being made based on these opinions and the changing tolerance of this kind of body modification in society. Because tattoos have become ore widely accepted, it’s not an opinion you can look up statistics and it is just a fact tattoos almost beat out piercings on the list of top body modifications in the years 2010 – 2014. It’s finally time that the policy advances along with the views of society, because I think if someone can die for their country, then why the hell can’t they have a tattoo that can be covered in uniform while doing it? Makes no sense right!

I look forward to more changes like this and more modifications to policies based on the actual soldiers and commanders input; as well as ever changing and evolving societal views.