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We live in an electric world…

Posted on September 26, 2014 Comments

…so what would happen if one day all of the power went out?

I’ve never spent much time thinking about things like this happening, I tend to leave that to the conspiracy theorists; however I recently began watching a new series called Revolution. In this television series they explore just that, the power has been lost from the world and it has fallen into chaos. It’s a captivating story line, however it’s not reality, although some of it could be.

Watching it has made me wonder, what would happen to us if we lost all electricity in the world? Obviously planes would fall from the sky, helicopters crash and burn, car wrecks in abundance, boats stranded in open water with no global positioning systems, military left without communications lost without orders. But what about the government, what about hospitals, nursing homes, chemical plants, etc. The world would be thrown into chaos.

The real question isn’t what would happen right after the black out, it’s what would happen to re-build; how would society continue to evolve when something we rely on in everything, every single day is gone. How would we re-build lines of communication, preserve societal values, uphold citizens to the laws?

Really when it initially happens, the main concern is going to be how the leaders of the world get word out to their own countries or others, when you have no phones, television, fax machines, etc. Because without leadership you then will have many others who are power hungry vying for it, trying to build their own new world; because it is an opportunity for them. Crime will occur in abundance, because one the guards at prisons don’t get orders or communication from anyone do you think they will really continue to stand their post? I doubt it, and without electrified fences, doors, etc. every single one of those prisoners is going to get out; the best we can hope for is they get their aggression taken out on one another before they hit what used to be society.

What happens to society is what comes after what happens from the government, farmers won’t continue farming for the world, there will be no truckers to transport goods, no way to get anything but horseback, foot, bikes, roller blades, and that’s not going to end up getting anyone very far, especially not if they’re trying to supply people with food or medicines en mass.

Which leads us to consider medicines too, how may people die once stock runs out? Because medicines all have a shelf life, and while some may have longer lives if refrigerated or kept frozen; there’s a little problem of not having refrigeration or any way to cool without electricity. People who are on ventilators in hospitals will die initially, those with asthma having attacks, people on beta blockers who cannot get them or run out, diabetics unable to acquire insulin, people who need anticoagulants, etc. Most of these people will die a horrible, painful death, because they cannot get these medications; imagine your heart palpitations getting worse, the chest pain lasting longer during each episode, until heart attack, and it stops; you’re dead. Go without insulin, you end up in shock; either extremely hypoglycemic or hyperglycemic; either one deadly if prolonged, and without a ready food stock you cannot balance it out through diet. Without anticoagulants people with clotting disorders, genetic mutations, or even trauma causing a clot, will end up clotting fully and die in horrible pain.

We obviously as a society will not just continue to evolve as we have been or as quickly as we have, knowledge will end up lost, people will forget, children too young to remember will never understand or know what we all lost. What happens then? How do you move forward when the knowledge that kept us going is gone, and no one can build upon it, to make the future into what it once was. We did live without these things before, and could do so again; but as with anything knowledge has been lost to us as to what many people did without these things and in place of some of them. It is as though a new cycle of life will begin, and people will have to re-evolve into what they once were. What kind of possibilities does this open up for us, what kind of pitfalls?

Hopefully we never find out.